Book and Movie Reviews/Rants

This is essintially where I'll be ranting about books I've read.


I may express some opinions that you may not agree with, so be wary of what you read on my site. Also, beware of SPOILERS!


Jane Eyre[2011]

Okay, first thing's first, I absolutely loved this movie. It was just excellently portrayed and character developement was successful. But, of course, I have my complaints. Well, really just one comlpaint. WTF was that ending! I'm aware that in the book, he was blinded, and within the book such held a purpose. But in the movie, it seemed to me just an unneccesary add-on that the movie could've done without. They, Jane and Mr. Rochester, come back together in the last five minutes of the film (Whoo-Hoo! That's to be expected.) and that's all emotional and happy and such, but the fact that they blinded him holds little purpose and demotes the scene all together. Because they could not continue on and develope anything with his being blind, (because the film was already about 2 hours long.) it simply ended up leaving more to be desired. Hell, I think having him be dead in the end would have been better than what the decided on. Other than that, as I said before, I absolutely adored the movie other than the failed execution.


The Girl with All the Gifts

I also quite enjoyed this book. It might even be safe to say it was my favorite. But, like my previous rant, I feel the execution had failed for my understanding of the story. I defenatly wasn't poorly written or anything similar in nature; it was just a bit shocking that she, the author, would choose to go that route. It just didn't seem to do the characters justice. Melanie just doomed Ms. Justineau to a life full of lonliness, to an extent anywho. Perhaps it's just that I don't have the best understanding of the plot, but such just left me desiring a little bit more. The ending simply annoyed me and feeling that the conflict was unresolved. And, yes, I'm aware that the conflict-the infection taking over the world-was most defenatly resolved-Melanie letting all the spores free to kill off the rest of the human race- even though the it was a rather undesirable resulution.


Okay, I thought this was an excellent book. I really enjoyed it. But Victor was a dumbass. Like, he could've avoided Elizabeth's death, but he was too selfish to realize that she was in danger. The monster literally told Victor that he would make his life a living-hell and that he'd be there on his wedding night. Like, Victor should've read between the lines-which should've been so easy to do-and seen how evident that the threat was being made towards his wife-to-be and not him. Then, of all things he could've done, he left his wife alone in another room on their wedding night. Even though you were scared you were gonna be killed, why would you choose to be alone?! It's just ridiculous. Another thing I had a problem with was the fact that the monster was so damn heart broken about Victor's death that he killed himself. Like, you tortured the poor guy during the entirety of your existance, now your gonna feel bad?! Those were my problems with the book.

Wuthering Heights

Once again, I really enjoyed this book. It's one of the classics. What's not to enjoy? But alas, I have my complaints. Here we go... EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. WAS. AN. ASSHOLE. Let's start off with Heathcliff. He had the chance to be a nice fella. He was treated like absolute shit when he was young, so one would think that he wouldn't want to put anyone else through that. But boy is that a wrong assumption. He treats Hareton just as shittily as he was treated by Hindley. Then he treats Isabella and young Cathrine as mere pawns in his efferts at revenge. What the actual hell is wrong with this guy?! I mean, I understand being pissed about the fact that your soulmate went to another guy, but you don't torture his loved ones. Especially when he doesn't know a damn thing about it. For all Edgar knew, both Isabella and Catherine were happy with their lives. Essentially, Heathcliff tortured these women just because he's a dick. Now, let's talk about Catherine. She is a hateful, spoiled-rotten, little brat! Seriously! She's only worried about wealth and status and only for herself. The biggest reason she married Edgar was because he was wealthy and when they got married, she'd be able to support Heathcliff. She didn't marry Heathcliff because he was below her in status. Now I don't doubt the love she felt for Heathcliff, nor the love he felt for her, but jeaz-louise is it unhealthy. Even at the end of her life, she blamed others for her illness. Like, bitch, you brought this on yourself. She knew that Edgar and Heathcliff hated eachother. Yet, she insisted that Heathcliff continue to visit. What did she honestly think was gonna happen? "Oh, Edgar dear, I know you hate the man that I would easily choose over you, but I don't care." Of course they got into a fight. And she went on and on about how Edgar just didn't love her. No! The fight erupted because she and Heathcliff were fighting. He was trying to protect her, and she says he doesn't care about her. That is BS. The only character that I didn't hate was Hareton. That is only because I pittied him. The poor boy was fucked from the very beginning. His father was and abusive drunk who felt resentment towards his son. Then he was left with Heathcliff as a gaurdian. Heathcliff was his mentor, and ,as I said before, he treated Hareton like shit. So, Hareton acting like a dick is completely understandable. He was never given a chance to leave that hellhole of a life, yet he turned out okay in the very end. He was actually able to feel love--in a healthy way, no less.So, in conclusion, the book was excellent and well-written, but all the characters deserved a good smack to the face with a hammer.