My Stories:


When I was in 3rd grade, we were allowed to play with the sports equipment. That day I decided to play with the basketball. I was a curious little kid and, I'll admit, a stupid kid too. Anywho, I was playing with the basketball, then I started thinking, "I wonder what this looks like from above." I really thought about how I would get to see it from above. I kept bouncing the ball and put my head over it. Now, this wouldn't have been such a bad idea if I had only remembered to stop the ball. It hit me in the face; I looked around to make sure no one had seen. Surprisingly, no one had. That's all.


I was in English class one day as a freshman in high school, and we had an assignment over the Hunger Games. We had flash cards over the characters of the book. I partnered up with my friend Gabe, and we began to split the cards into two piles for each of us. One of the cards started flying. I started grabbing for it and missed a few times. One of the times I grabbed for it and ended up poking him right in the forehead. It looked as though I meant it because just two fingers got him in the head. I didn't even catch the paper; it fell on the ground. I laughed my butt off; he, on the other hand, didn't. He didn't get mad about it or anything, but he certainly wasn't appreciating the nail indentations in his forehead.


I was in US History one day as an 8th grader, and my buddies and I were messing around. I decided that it would be really funny to put a folded piece of paper on my friend Tommy's head. (I was super creative, huh?) Anywho, I did that, and it began to slip down his head. I didn't want it to fall, so I quickly reached for it. I ended up just wacking my buddy upside the head. The paper still fell and Tommy thought I literally just hit him for no good reason. All my buddies did. They weren't angry or anything because we all usually would horse around, but the point is that I didn't mean it. We all had a good laugh about it, though.

Third Grade Question

One day in third grade English class, we had an assignment that asked us to name something in a certain category that started with a particular letter. All was fine and dandy until I got to the category of dances. I needed to name dances that begin with the letters B, L, and T. For the letter B I said Ballroom. For the letter L, I couldn't think of anything so I moved on to T and wrote Tango. After a little while, I thought of Lap Dance, but I forgot what that was so I didn't know if it was a real dance or not. I asked my table mates if they knew if Lap Dance was actually a kind of dance. They didn't (Obviously. They're in third grade.) After they said they didn't know, I went up to ask my teacher what it was. And just as those words-Lap Dance- left my mouth, I remembered what it was. Of course, my teacher then asked me where I heard such a thing. Freaking out I came with some bull crap. Something along the lines of, "Isn't it like a dance people do while skating a lap around the block?" All she had to say was no and to go sit back down. The look on her face is something I think will stay with me until I die.

Water Bottle

So I was in Physics class towards the end of the year. At this point, we had already finished learning anything majorly important and were just doing busy work. Because of these circumstances, my table mates and I felt that it was okay to goof around. We were throwing little rolled up pieces of paper at one another. At the end of a "round", I went to the opposite side of the table to retrieve a few paper balls for ammo of my own. When I got back to my seat, I took a swig of water. After putting the water back down to my right, I noticed that there was a water bottle to the left of me... where no one was sitting... After a moment, it struck me that I just took a swig of my buddy's water. Now to most, this might be nothing, but I'm a huge germaphobe. I started freaking out and my table mates saw what had happened and laughed while, at the same time, asking if I was okay. That's going to haunt me for a little while.

Hair Trouble

A couple gal-pals and I were sitting in our fifth-period classroom waiting for lunch to end and were having a conversation of what have you. Cassy was talking with Kim and I as she was trying to tie some of her hair back. Kim and I were talking about the upcoming test when Cassy let out this odd, deep scream, which already had us laughing. Then she turned around and there was this big-ass knot where she was trying to tie her hair up. In seeing that, I completely lost it. I was crying and essentially yelling my laughter out. Kim saw how much I was laughing and that made her laugh even more. Cassy was trying to ask me for help as she was still fucking with it and kinda whining. I was laughing and apologizing because I couldn't get ahold of myself long enough to help her out. She eventually got it fixed, of no help from Kim or me. Once the bell rang for us to start fifth period. Only a few minutes into class I just glanced at her and started laughing hysterically again. That was one of the best days ever because of that singular incident.


Earlier this year my father and I went to the local rodeo for the day. It was absolutely fun, and I enjoyed myself immensely... for the most part. My father and I decided to do a ride. Since I can't handle roller coasters, we went for a ski lift ride. Why we did that I don't know because we are both terrified of heights. But, nonetheless, we thought it might be a fun father-daughter thing to do. As soon as we got on, I started regretting everything. We were maybe only a few yards up when I had to close my eyes. I even grabbed my dad's shirt as a result. The ride lasted for so long and every so often I'd open my eyes, which was an awful mistake on my part. And each time I'd open my eyes, I'd freak out a little and grab at my dad. He started getting pissed off because my little freakouts would remind him of how high we were, which was maybe only a quarter of a mile. When we finally got down, we were both relieved and agreed that were both idiots. Though not the best experience, it made for a fantastic father-daughter bonding moment.


This one will be very quick. Very simply, this is the time I made an accidental dirty joke. So a buddy of mine, John, sent me a Snap of a pair of Spiderman socks he was planning on wearing for the day. I didn't really know how to respond, so I tried to be sorta funny and make a comment related to Spiderman. So, what I came up with was, "Are your Spidey senses tingling?" Let's just say, he made no comment after that. The worst bit about this is that I didn't en]ven realize the inuendo until a few days later.


I often get myself into trouble with the things I say because they don't come out in the way that I mean them. This shall be a prime example. So, a friend of mine and I were having a discussion during homeroom in 8th grade. Some how we got on to the topic of favorite colors. Well, my friend said that her favorite color was black. My response was, "Oh, my favorite color used to be black, but then I got a personality." I know, so kind of me to say, right? Obviously I had to explain myself. I went on to tell her that I was merely trying to be like my father in that his favoritecolor was also black. My preferences changed once I developed my own personality. So, I came off like a total bitch that day.


Yet another instance of my talking getting me into trouble. A friend of mine was telling her boyfriend that she got a compliment at school that day and that it was a nice little occurence since it doesn't happen too often. My input was, "I get that." What I meant by that was that I also don't get very msny compliments, so I can sympathize with you. Instead, it came out sounding like, "Well, I can totally see why you don't get compliments. Just look at you." I hate myself sometimes.

Compliments Part 2

One more time now. The other day when I was in my last period, a very bubbly fella that sits next to me gave me a compliment. He said that my eyes were pretty. I was caught off gaurd because, as I said before, I don't get complimented too often. So I was a little fumbley with my thank you. He in turn asked me if that was an odd thing to say. My response was, "I've heard it before." So instead of it being reasurement that it wasn't odd since others have said it, it sound like, "Well, I've heard that SOOO many times before. Not very original, but thanks anyways." I once again sound like a bitch.